a. Titles or designations differ:

Create separate records when either the titles or designations are different (LCRI 12.0). Link both records using a 787 non-specific relationship linking note. Give also a 580 note prefaced by words such as "Cumulates:" and "Cumulated in:". When the titles are different, give an added entry for the related work, if desired (AACR2 21.28B).

Different titles Example:

Different designations Example:

b. Titles and designations are the same:

Include the cumulation on the same record with the main serial when the titles are the same and the numbering is continuous or when the titles are the same and there is only a chronological designation. Note the presence of the cumulation as part of the frequency statement.

Same title, numbering is continuous Example:

Same title, chronological designation only. Example:

See also:

17.2. Cumulations