a. Reprint of issues of a serial by the same publisher:

Do not catalog separately or make note of such reprints in the bibliographic record for the original serial. A note and an added entry may be made, however, if the reprinted issues carry a different title (LCRI 12.0). Example:

b. Reprint of a single serial by a different publisher:

Catalog separately as a serial a reprint of a single serial. If the serial title has changed, create separate records for each title, even if the reprint consists of only one volume.

Catalog the reprint as a monograph, however, if it contains only a single issue or limited number of issues (LCRI 12.0A).

c. Reprint of several bibliographically unrelated serials:

Catalog as a monograph (LCRI 12.0A).

See also:

17.7. Reprints