a. Sources of information:

Several sources of information are used, depending on the area of the description. The earliest reprinted issue is the source for the title and statement of responsibility, the edition statement, and the designation. The publishing statement is taken from the reprint title page. The physical description is that of the reprint and a series statement is given only if the reprint is issued in the series. Because several sources are used, the "Description based on" note and "Source of title" note are not given for reprints (LCRI 12.0B1). If the first issue of the reprint is not in hand, the original date(s) of publication for the issue(s) in hand may be included in angle brackets in the reprint note.

b. Reprint note:

Record in a single note (field 580) the publishing details of the original, the frequency (when known), and any other pertinent details. The note is given in a formatted style (AACR2 1.7A3). Example:

If the reprint has a different title than the original, give a separate note (500) and added entry (246) if desired. Example:

c. Linking entry:

Field 775 may be given to link the reprint to the original record when there is a record for the original. If no record exists and the titles are the same, omit the link.

See also:

17.7. Reprints