18.5.2. Type 3. (AACR2 24.13 & AACR2 24.18)

Names that are general in nature or do no more than indicate a geographic, chronological, or numbered or lettered subdivision.

LCRI 24.13 type 3 defines "general in nature" as a name that "contains neither very distinctive elements (such as proper nouns or adjectives) nor subject words." Most institutions (e.g., libraries, museums, hospitals, etc.) are tested against this type. (For subordinate bodies of universities, however, see type 5.) Names that contain general subject terms, such as "Science Library," that are entered directly according to this rule will probably need a qualifier (AACR2 24.4C).

Example 1:

Example 2:


Also included in this category are names of meetings that consist of no more than the general term "meeting", "convention", etc. and that are not grammatically linked to the corporate body. These names are included in this type because they are "general in nature." Omit the frequency from the heading; for other omissions from conference headings see CCM 18.4.1. For meeting names that are grammatically linked to the corporate body, see type 6. Example 3:

Government bodies below the national level:

According to LCRI 24.18 type 3, bodies below the national level are entered subordinately to the heading for the government unless the name of the government is stated or implied in the name or the name contains unique terms (such as proper nouns). When in doubt, enter subordinately. Example: