18.5.2. Type 6. (AACR2 24.13):

A name that includes the entire name of the higher or related body.

Headings that fit into type 6 contain both the name of a subordinate body and its parent body. The different elements within the name may be grammatically linked by words such as "of the." Type 6 allows the cataloger to switch the order, creating a heading that is more likely to be searched by users. Type 6 only applied, however, when the higher body is given in its established form (i.e., as found in the Name Authority File), minus any qualifiers or a jurisdiction (LCRI 24.13 type 6).

Example 1:

Example 2:


Example 3:

Example 4:

Named meetings:

Type 6 also includes named meeting that are grammatically linked to a corporate body (see CCM 18.7.). For named meetings that are not grammatically linked and that consist of general terms, see type 3.

Example 5:

Government bodies that contain the name of the higher body:

While AACR2 24.18 does not provide for subordinate bodies that contain the entire name of the parent body (AACR2 24.13 type 6), LCRI 24.18 provides several cases in which such names may be entered subordinately.

Example 6:

Types 6-11 of AACR2 24.18 are for specific kinds of government bodies (e.g., courts, military services, embassies, etc.). For instructions on constructing these headings, see AACR2.