Once a body is determined to fit one of the types under AACR2 24.13 or 24.18, the next consideration is whether there are intervening bodies in the hierarchy that can be omitted or whether the entire hierarchy should be retained. A body is entered as a subheading of the lowest element in the hierarchy that is entered under its own name.

a. Omit:

Omit the intervening body when it is unlikely that another body within the same parent organization or jurisdiction would have the same name. Names commonly omitted are those that are very specific and those that include some of the same words as the parent body. Example:

b. Retain:

Retain the intervening body when the name is very general and could be used by other bodies within the same organization or jurisdiction. Consider also whether the intervening body indicates a geographic or other type of division under which there could be subordinate bodies with the same name. Example:

c. Unsure?:

In case of doubt: Do not omit Example:

See also:

18.5. Names entered directly and names entered subordinately