Regardless of the type of conference, omit from the name of the conference the frequency, number of the conference, and year of convocation (AACR2 24.7A1). While AACR2 24.7B allows for the addition of the number, year and place of convocation in a qualifier, the number and year are generally not appropriate for conference headings given on serials, since these change with each issue. The place may be added if the conference, exhibition, or even always occurs in the same place.

a. Category 1 headings (conferences on a topic):

Enter named conferences on topics directly under their own name. Example:

b. Category 2 headings (meetings of societies, etc.)

The names in this category often consist of no more than one or more general terms, such as Annual Meeting, Constitutional Convention, Conference, etc. and are usually presented in conjunction with the corporate body. When this is the case, the term designating the meeting is considered to be a subordinate body. The terms may or may not be grammatically linked to the corporate body. When grammatically linked, 24.13 type 6 applies; when not linked, 24.13 type 3 applies. Regardless of which type applies, the end result is the same: the meeting is entered subordinately to the name of the corporate body. The heading is tagged 100 because it consists of the name of a corporate body and a subordinate body. Example:

See also:

18.7. Conference headings