Introduction, Discussion Points, References, and Definitions of Terms

1.1.  The significance of serial publications

1.2.  The nature of serials

1.2.1.  Characteristics of serials

1.2.2.  How cataloging a serial differs from cataloging a multipart item or an integrating resource

1.2.3.  Serials vs. monograph cataloging:  economy and access

1.3.  The process of cataloging a serial

1.3.1.  Examining the issue(s) of the serial

1.3.2.  Searching

1.3.3.  Describing the serial

1.3.4.  Determining name and title access points

1.3.5.  Assigning subject headings and a call number

1.3.6.  Inputting the record

1.3.7.  Updating related records

1.4.  Levels of cataloging

1.5.  Serials and their control

1.5.1.  Check-in and holdings records

1.5.2.  Publication patterns and the CONSER publication pattern initiative

1.5.3.  Union lists and consortia


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