When making determinations about treatment, consider first whether the resource will be issued on a continuing basis or whether it is finite, then the form in which it is issued (i.e, serial or integrating).

Catalog a resource as a serial if it meets the definition or is one of the types of resources given in AACR2 12.0A1 (see also LCRI 1.0 ).

Treat a resource as an integrating resource when it meets the definition of an integrating resource, or in the case of electronic journals, when earlier titles are not retained.

When treatment is unclear, consider all available sources of information, including online catalogs and databases.

Conference publications that have unique titles or are in a numbered monographic series are cataloged as monographs.  Other conference publications can be cataloged as serials if they appear to be ongoing.

Most loose-leaf publications are cataloged as integrating resources.

Series may be cataloged as serials or the individual titles may be cataloged as monographs, serials, or integrating resources as appropriate.  The decision on how to treat a series is made by each institution.

Monographs are recataloged as serials when there is clear evidence that the publication is being issued regularly.

Serials are not often recataloged as monographs.

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