Provide information in the 260 field from a publishing statement appearing on the earliest issue.  Information may be taken from any source on the item, but prefer the chief source or other prescribed sources, i.e., title screen, disc label, etc. (Figure 30.6.).


260 ## $a Boston : $b SilverPlatter


When cataloging from the first issue, include the publication date; otherwise, do not record subfield $c (see CCM 10.4.2).

260 ## $a College Park, Md. : $b National Information Services Corp., $c c1989-

362 0# $a NISC AAR 1989 0501 (1950/May 1989)-

If discs are published out of date order (e.g., retrospective disc issued later), describe the discrepancy in a 500 note (AACR2 12.7B9) (see also CCM 10.6.3).

260 ## $a ..., $c 1989-

362 0# $a 1892/1992-

500 ## $a First published in 1989; retrospective disc for 1892/1992 published in 1993.

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