Electronic resources may be issued in a series, just like any other title, as described in Module 12.

440 #0 $a Books in print plus series

However, beware of series-like words or phrases which often appear above the title or elsewhere on direct access e-serials.  These words or phrases are often trademarked names that identify a particular publisher's products or search and retrieval software and should not be treated as series.  Give the word or phrase in an "At head of title:" or quoted note, with added entry access in a 246 field, as described in CCM 30.7.

245 00 $a Art index $h [electronic resource].

246 30 $a Wilsondisc art index

500 ## $a At head of title: Wilsondisc.

500 ## $a "Compact Cambridge."

500 ## $a "AMUG CD-ROM series"–User registration card.

See also:

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