30.17.1.  Library of Congress

Provide the appropriate subject headings, following the general principles used for describing print publications, as described in Module 15.  Use appropriate form subdivisions according to SHM H 1580.5 (Electronic Serials) and H 1520 (Databases).  Note that the use of form subdivision “Databases” is restricted to serials which fit the definition given in H 1520.  When using the subdivision "–Databases”, do not further subdivide by "–Periodicals" when both would be form subdivisions.

245 00 $a World trade database $h [electronic resource].

650 #0 $a International trade $v Statistics $v Databases.

245 00 $a Biography and genealogy master index $h [electronic resource].

651 #0 $a United States $x Biography $v Indexes.

650 #0 $a Biography $v Indexes.

651 #0 $a United States $x Genealogy $v Indexes.

110 1# $a Canada. $b Office of the Auditor General.

245 10 $a Annual reports $h [electronic resource] / $c Office of the Auditor General of Canada = Rapports annuels / Bureau du verificateur general du Canada.

650 #0 $a Finance, Public $z Canada $x Auditing $v Periodicals.

610 10 $a Canada. $b Office of the Auditor General $v Periodicals.

30.17.2.  MeSH

Form subdivisions:  CD-ROM, software, and electronic journals are no longer being used for MeSH, though they may still appear in older records within the utilities.

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