30.4.1.  Main entry

Serial electronic resources are primarily entered under title main entry but may also have a corporate body main entry.  The general rules apply, as described in Module 4.

110 1# $a Saskatchewan. $b Workers' Compensation Board.

245 10 $a Electronic annual report $h [electronic resource] / $c Saskatchewan Workers' Compensation Board.

30.4.2.  Commercial publishers

Many electronic resources are issued by a commercial publisher who may have nothing to do with the original print version.  The commercial publisher is creating the publication in a new format, perhaps with some changes, such as enhanced searching capabilities, and is doing so to generate a profit.  Trace the commercial publisher if you consider its role to be significant, e.g., the search interface may be an integral and significant aspect, or the publisher may have compiled the information, e.g., Bowker is responsible for the content of Books in Print Plus (AACR2 21.30F and 21.30H).

245 00 $a Cancerlit on SilverPlatter $h [electronic resource] / $c National Cancer Institute.

260 ## $a Norwood, MA : $b SilverPlatter Information

710 2# $a National Cancer Institute (U.S.)

710 2# $a SilverPlatter Information, Inc.

30.4.3.  Issuing bodies

If a corporate body associated with the intellectual content of an electronic serial is not cited in the statement of responsibility or in the publishing statement, provide a 550 note justifying an added entry.  For instance, PsycLIT is published by SilverPlatter but the American Psychological Association is responsible for the intellectual content.  There is a copyright statement for both the publisher and the APA but no other mention of the APA which might be quoted, even though the APA publishes the printed version of this title.  For this type of responsibility by a corporate body, use a general 550 "Issued by:" note to justify an added entry.  (Figure 30.1b.)

On piece:

Copyright 1990 American Psychological Assn, all rights reserved.

In record:

550 ## $a Issued by: the American Psychological Association.

710 2# $a American Psychological Association.

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