Provide the appropriate subject headings, using a standardized list (e.g., LCSH or MeSH), following the same principles as for print publications as described in CCM Module 15.  There is no form subdivision such as "electronic journals" for remote access electronic resources in LCSH.  From 1999-2001 the term Electronic journals was used in MeSH as a form subdivision.  For LCSH headings, use appropriate subdivisions, as instructed in the Subject Headings Manual (i.e., H 1520 (Databases), H 1580.5 (Electronic serials)).

While classification is not required in CONSER records, libraries that normally classify their serials are encouraged to also classify electronic serials.  Though not needed as a location device, classification provides a useful tool for assessing the types of serials that are online and for many other purposes.

See also:

Module 31.  Remote Access Electronic Serials (Online Serials)