In 1995, CONSER established new record requirements for full and minimal level records and added the core encoding level for serials (CEG B6).  In 1996, the core record for newspapers was documented (CEG B6.4.2 ).  Authority control is reflected in the coding of the record (encoding level, field 042) and only minimal level records include headings that are not established in the LC/NACO Authority File ( FN 4).

Authority work for newspaper records largely involves geographic place names that are used in uniform titles, subject headings, and added entries (fields 130, 651, 752).  If a newspaper record includes only established place names in headings, as well as all the necessary bibliographic elements, then use the following codes:

Encoding level "#" (can be full or core level);

042 code "lcd" or higher (i.e., "lc," "nlc");

651 second indicator "0" (if included) ( FN 5).

If the record includes corporate body or place names in headings that are not in the authority file, use:

Encoding level "7;"

042 code "msc;"

651 second indicator "4" (as appropriate for place names).

A full level newspaper record is one that includes the core elements (CEG B6.4.2) and a full complement of notes and access fields.

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