The imprint area of newspaper records generally includes place of publication, name of publisher, and the first and last dates of publication.  This information is most often found in the masthead or the publisher's statement.  For newspapers, the dates of publication match the chronological designation of the first and last issues ( FN 9).

Many eighteenth- and early nineteenth-century newspapers identify only a printer, editor, proprietor, or owner.  In the absence of a corporate publisher, record the person’s name(s) in field 260 , subfield $b, with proprietors and owners taking precedence over printers and editors.

Many twentieth century newspapers identify both an individual and a corporation as the publishers.  Generally record the corporate body as the publisher’s name in field 260, subfield $b.  If there is a hierarchy of corporate bodies listed as publishers on the piece, use the highest corporate body as the publisher, unless the paper is part of a U.S. corporate chain and independent of the owner (e.g., Gannett, Scripps-Howard).  In this case record the next highest corporate name, or individual, listed.

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