5.4.1.  General rule

Record the uniform title in the same way that the title proper is recorded, in regard to the mark of omission, diacritics, or leading punctuation.  Do not add a period when the field ends with a closing parentheses.  Use double parentheses when a corporate body used as a qualifier has itself been qualified.

130 0# $a Best plays of ... (New York, N.Y. : 1953)

245 10 $a Best plays of ...

130 0# $a 'Scape (Los Angeles, Calif.)

245 10 $a 'Scape.

130 0# $a Journal (Choral Conductors Guild (Calif.))

245 14 $a The journal.

5.4.2.  Omissions

Omit initial articles ( FN 4).  (AACR2 25.2C1)

130 0# $a Hong Kong monitor (Hong Kong)

245 14 $a The Hong Kong monitor.

Create a uniform title if a section title or subseries begins with an initial article (LCRI 25.5B ).

130 0# $a American men and women of science. $p Medical sciences

245 10 $a American men and women of science.$p The medical sciences.

If there is an error in the title as given on the piece, use the corrected form in the uniform title, as given in field 245 (AACR2 12.1B1).

130 0# $a Housing starts (Manila, Philippines)

[made up example]

245 10 $a Housing starts.

246 1# $i Issue for 1986 has title: $a Housing sarts

Omit the general material designation (subfield $h) when given in field 245.

130 0# $a Mail-star (Halifax, N.S.)

245 14 $a The mail-star $h [microform].

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