Uniform titles are used to:  1) distinguish between different serials that have the same title or catalog entry; and, 2) bring together serials that are issued in translations or language editions and for certain legal serials (Module 34).

Assign a uniform title according to LCRI 25.5B to the title being cataloged when there is evidence that another serial has the same title or catalog entry.  The other record does not have to have been created according to the provisions of AACR2.

Do not add a uniform title to the other record(s), particularly if it is not AACR2.

There is no preference for qualifiers except for generic titles which are always qualified by corporate body.

Omit initial articles from the uniform title in both $a and $p.

Use the uniform title when citing the serial in notes, links, added entries, or subject headings in other records.

If the corporate body has been used as the qualifier and it changes, make a new record (see Module 16).

For translations, the uniform title consists of the title or uniform title of the original and the language of the translation.

For language editions, a "primary edition" is chosen as the basis for the uniform title, to which is added the language of the edition.

See also:

Module 5.  Uniform Titles (Fields 130 and 240)