Title proper

Record the title proper as it appears on the chief source, except for capitalization and punctuation (AACR2 1.1B1), unless an obvious typographic error should be corrected (AACR2 12.1B1).

When the title proper as given on the chief source is unclear, examine the manner in which the title has been given in other areas of the serial (AACR2 12.1B3).

When the title consists of an initialism and the full form, give the full form as title proper (AACR2 12.1B2).

Omit from the title proper numbers, dates, or names that are likely to change with each issue (AACR2 12.1B7).

When the title proper consists of a common title and the title of a section, and the two are not grammatically linked, give as:  Common title.  Section title (AACR2 12.1B4).

Other title information

Decide whether information given on the chief source constitutes other title information; then decide whether to record the other title information in the title statement.

Always record other title information that contains the statement of responsibility, that consists of an acronym or initialism of the title proper, or that is supplied according to AACR2 1.1E6.

In other cases, record other title information in the title statement, in a note, or omit it, depending on its value in identifying the serial.

Parallel titles

Remember that parallel titles are titles after the title proper.

Record the first parallel title and any subsequent parallel title in English (AACR2 1.1D2).

Statement of responsibility

Record only formal statements given prominently.  If not on the chief source, give in brackets (AACR2 1.1F1).

Record corporate bodies as statements of responsibility when given in proximity to the title or when preceded by words such as "prepared by" (AACR2 1.1F3).

Do not record a person as statement of responsibility unless the person is also the main entry (AACR2 12.1F3).

If there is no statement of responsibility, do not make one up (AACR2 1.1F2).

See also:

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