(AACR2 12.7B23; field 500)  ( FN3)

While the description is based on the first or earliest available issue, serial records that are updated over time reflect information from later issues.  In order that the record be able to reflect the work, rather than an issue, and to alert other catalogers to the currency of data in the record, a "Latest issue consulted" note is given.  Use this note when more than one issue is in hand when the serial is first described, or when changes are later made to a record because of changes on later issues.  When a serial is closed off and the last issue is given in field 362, remove the "Latest issue consulted" note.

The "Description based on" and source of title notes are frequently combined because they both refer to the same issue.  Do not combine a "Latest issue consulted" note with a note that includes the source of title because they relate to different issues.  Instead, give the "Latest issue consulted" as a separate note (LCRI 12.7B23 ).

When recording the "Latest issue consulted" note, for the sake of consistency, apply the same rules that would be applied to the numbering given in a formatted 362 field or in a "Description based on" note.  As with the "Description based on" note, when a numeric designation alone is given, add the date of publishing or copyright.

Using the 362 and 500 fields:

First issue in hand:

362  0#  $aVol. 1, no. 1 (May 1990)-

500  ##  $aLatest issue consulted: Vol. 3, no. 1 (May 1992).

First issue not in hand:

500  ##  $aDescription based on: No. 3 (July 88).

First issue not in hand but information is known as to when the serial began:

362  1#  $aBegan in 1987.

500  ##  $aDescription based on: Vol. 4 (1990); title from caption.

500  ##  $aLatest issue consulted: Vol. 13 (1999).

Last issue known but not in hand:

362  1#  $aCeased with no. 12, published in 1988.

500  ##  $aDescription based on: No. 2, published in 1978.

500  ##  $aLatest issue consulted: No. 10, published in 1986.

362  0#  $aMar. 1979-

362  1#  $aCeased in 1989.

First and last issue known but not in hand:

362  1#  $aBegan with v. 1, no. 1 (Mar. 1967); ceased with v. 10, no. 2 (Feb. 1977).

500  ##  $aDescription based on: Vol. 3, no. 1 (Jan. 1969).

First issue is not in hand and last issue is:

362  0#  $a-v. 4, no. 5 (May 1990).

500  ##  $aDescription based on: Vol. 3, no. 10 (Oct. 1989); title from cover.

Last issue is the only issue in hand:

362  0#  $a-1988.

500  ##  $aDescription based on: 1988.

See also:

8.1.  How numbering is used in AACR2 records