If the first issue is called "premier issue" or another term designating "first," use the term in the designation only when there is no other numerical or chronological designation that can be used (see also CCM 3.1.2.).  (LCRI 12.3B1. )   Examples

No other designation:

362  0#  $aInaugural issue-

362  0#  $aPremier issue-



Figure 8.22a.  Cover


"Premier issue" appears on the chief source in Figure 8.22a., but a numeric designation appears on the contents page (Figure 8.22b.).  The numeric designation is correct.

362  0#  $aVol. 1, no. 1 (summer 1989)-



Figure 8.22b.  Contents page


If a pilot or sample issue precedes the first issue of the serial, the pilot issue may be mentioned in a note.   Example

When words alone such as "Premier issue" have been used as the designation, change the designation to reflect later issues when possible.   Example

Issues numbered as vol. 1, no. 0 may be used as the first issue when it is clear that the issue constitutes the first and not a preliminary or preview issue (see also CCM 3.1.2.), or when it is the only issue in hand.

See also:

8.5.  Special problems associated with recording the designation