(AACR2 12.3E1; LCRI 12.3E1. )

Alternative numbers are secondary systems of numeric designations that generally consist of " whole numbers" ( FN11).  Alternative numbers are given only when they appear on the same source as the primary numeric designation.  (When they appear elsewhere, they may be noted in field 515.  See CCM 13.4.2.)   Examples



In Figure 8.23., the alternative number issue #156 appears with "Vol. XIV, No. 11" in the masthead.  Both numbering systems are recorded.  If cataloged from this issue, the designation would be:

500  ##  $aDescription based on: Vol. 14, no. 11 (Apr. 1990) = issue #156.

Figure 8.23.  Masthead



Figure 8.24. illustrates a situation in which a whole number appears with a volume number in place of internal numbering that repeats with each volume.  When both appear together they are recorded as one system of numbering.

500  ##  $aDescription based on: T. 32, no 154 (abr./jun. 1989); title from caption.


Figure 8.24.


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