Some serials publish issues in more than one physical part.  This may result from the extensive length of the issue, necessitating binding in two or more units.  Or it can be used as a means of dividing different elements of the work.  The individual units are usually numbered, e.g., 1998, part 1, 1998, part 2, etc.  The cataloger may have the complete set of an issue, or just part 1, or only part 2 or 3.  In all such instances, the operative principle is that it is the issue that is being described, not the subordinate unit.  Thus, the designation (in the 362 field, the "Description based on" note, and the "Latest issue consulted" note) is that of the issue, not the part.  Significant information relating to the parts should be included in notes.

Note:  AACR2 12.0B1 and 12.3B1 refer to issues or parts as being the basis of the description and the source of the designation.  The word "part" in these rules refers to cases where there is no issue, such as numbered articles in electronic journals, and should not be confused with serials issued in parts, as described in this section.

Pieces in hand:  Stanley Gibbons simplified catalogue stamps of the world.

2000, v. 2 (K-Z)

2001, v. 1 (A-F), v. 2 (G-N), v. 3 (O-Z)

2002, v. 1 (A-D), v. 2 (E-J), v. 3 (K-R), v. 4 (S-Z)

In record:

362  1#  $aBegan in 1983.

500  ##  $aDescription based on: 2000.

500  ##  $aLatest issue consulted: 2002.

515  ##  $aIssued in multiple vols.

Pieces in hand:  Vol. 1, no. 2, pt. 1 (July 1990)

Vol. 1, no. 2, pt. 2 (July 1990)

Vol. 5, no. 1, pt. 1 (Jan. 1994)

Vol. 5, no. 1, pt. 2 (Jan. 1994)

In record:

500  ##  $aDescription based on: Vol. 1, no. 2 (July 1990).

500  ##  $aLatest issue consulted: Vol. 5, no. 1 (Jan. 1990).

515  ##  $aEach number issued in 2 parts, with pt. 1 being articles and pt. 2 consisting of statistical tables.

Pieces in hand:  Developments in Scandinavian cartography for 1997; Part 1, Articles.  Maps of Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden; Part 2 of Developments in Scandinavian cartography for 1997.

In record:

245  00  $aDevelopments in Scandinavian cartography for . . .

362  0#  $a1997-

515  ##  $aIssued in parts.

[A decision on whether to make the 515 note more specific and possibly include an added entry for the "Map" title should be based on evidence about the stability of the number and content of the parts, and the stability and prominence of the part 2 title.)

See also:

8.5.  Special problems associated with recording the designation