8.7.1.  Changes in the system of numbering that do not go back to no. 1:

If a publisher changes the system of numbering in some way, without beginning again with "no. 1" or its equivalent, do not change the numbering in field 362 (or 500), but make a note when considered important, in field 515.   Example

Changes in the numbering can cause confusion when a serial dies or is continued by another title because the form of the first designation will not match the form of the last designation.  The change may be explained in a note.   Examples

8.7.2.  Successive numbering systems  (AACR2 12.3G1):

A successive designation is a numeric designation that begins over again with no. 1 (or its equivalent) that may or may not be distinguishable from the first numbering scheme.  To be distinguishable the new scheme must use different terminology (e.g., "v." rather than "no.") or include words such as "new series" (or their equivalent).  Consider also a change from a numeric-only designation to a chronological-only designation or vice versa to be a successive designation (LCRI 12.3G1. ).

a.   Numbering systems are not the same (i.e., distinguishable).  Give the latter system after the first preceded by a space-semicolon-space.  Close off the old system if the last issue with that numbering is available.   Examples

The numbering from the first and last issue of each system should be given in the formatted 362 field whenever the issues are in hand.  If the first and/or last issue of one or more of the systems are not in hand, give the information in a note, as needed.  In some cases, it may be necessary to include two 362 fields depending on what issues the cataloger has in hand.   Examples

b.   Numbering systems are the same (i.e., not distinguishable).  When the numbering begins again with no. 1 or its equivalent using the same form of numeric and chronological designation without words, such as "new series," supply these words or their equivalent in the language of the serial ( FN12).   Examples

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