Figure 8.27a.

Figure 8.27b.

This example is complicated by the fact that one year is given with the title while another is given with the numeric designation at the foot of the page.  Since there are two issues, each bearing the same year in the title, the year alone could not constitute a chronological designation.  The cataloger has chosen to use the chronological designation that appears with the numbering and account for the date in the title in a note.

362  0#  $aNr. 1 (1. Apr. 1988)-

515  ##  $aIssues designated Apr. and Oct. each year cover fairs for the following year, with that year printed as part of the title.



Figure 8.28a.



Figure 8.28b.



Figure 8.28c.

The publisher of this bulletin has a good sense of humor!  Since the chronological designation is given as found, the numbering, if cataloged from this issue, would be:

500  ##  $aDescription based on: Vol. 3, no. 1 (winter solstice 1988) ; title from caption.

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