9.3.1.  General rule

Give the edition statement as it appears on the piece, but abbreviate words found in Appendix B. Abbreviate the word "edition" to "ed." Do not supply the word "ed." when it does not appear. Do not abbreviate names of countries or states that are given in full form. If the edition statement begins with an initial article retain the article. Give the edition statement in brackets when it is supplied or is taken from a source other than the chief source, preliminaries, or colophon (AACR2 12.0B1). Example:

9.3.2.  Multiple languages

When edition statements appear in more than one language, transcribe each edition statement beginning with the one in the language of the title proper (AACR2 12.2B3/LCRI (1)). If there are titles and edition statements in numerous languages, record only those edition statements that correspond to titles recorded in field 245. Example:

9.3.3.  Rules that don’t (or rarely) apply to serials

Statements of responsibility relating to editions (AACR2 12.2C) and name revisions (AACR2 12.2D-E) are rarely, if ever, encountered with serials. Note also that AACR2 12.2B1e, which covers reprint and reissue statements, does not really apply to most serials. These rules may have been written to provide parallels to rules in chapter one.

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