9.4.1.  Uniform title

When serial editions have the same title, a uniform title is required to distinguish them according to LCRI 25.5B. If there is evidence of only one serial at the time of cataloging, however, no uniform title is necessary. When the uniform title is required and all other information is the same, the edition statement is the preferred qualifier and is recorded as it appears in field 250. For further information on uniform titles for language editions, see Module 5. Example:

If the place of publication is different for each edition, as may be the case for regional or language editions, the place may be used as the qualifier. Example:

9.4.2.  Notes and linking entry fields

If the different serial editions have different titles, give the other title(s) in an "other edition available" link (775). A 580 note may be given in addition, when desired. Example:

If the editions have the same title or the other titles are not known, a general note may be given. Example:

If there are numerous separately-cataloged editions, too lengthy to note in the record, give a general note and no 775 field. (2) (AACR2 12.7B7h). Example:

Notes relating to revisions, etc. are given in field 515. Notes relating to other editions separately cataloged are tagged 580. General notes about editions are generally given in field 500. Example:

9.4.3.  Added entry

Do not give an added entry for the title of another edition.

See also:

Module 9.  Edition Statement (field 250)