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The information provided in the Cataloger's Reference Shelf is intended for the benefit of the library cataloging community.  It is our hope that the availability of this information will make it easier for librarians to produce consistent cataloging which will lead to better library catalogs and an enhanced experience for library users.

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The Library Corporation makes every effort to ensure that the information contained in the Cataloger's Reference Shelf is current as of the date indicated on the "Contents" page of each file.  In some instances where capture of graphics or diacritical examples was not feasible for the release date of the file, segments were omitted.  These items will be included at a later date.

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The CRS began as a set of context-sensitive links from the ITSforWindows™ and LibrarySolution® ILS software to relevant pages in the USMARC Concise manuals.  As we progressed, we learned we could substantially enhance the value of the documentation if we included the full MARC Formats documentation and that from other commonly used manuals.