Field 005 consists of sixteen characters indicating the date and time of the latest record transaction.  This element is system-generated and does not display on OCLC.

The date is composed according to the Representation for Calendar Date and Ordinal Date for Information Interchange (ANSI X3.30).  The time is recorded according to the Representation of Local Time of the Day for Information Interchange (ANSI X3.43).

The date portion of the field requires eight numeric characters (four for the year, two for the month, and two for the day).  The time portion also requires eight numeric characters (two for the hour, two for the minute, two for the second, and two for a decimal fraction of the second, including the decimal point).


005 ## 19940223151047.0

[The date is February 23, 1994 and the time is 3:10 P.M. (3 hours, 10 minutes, 47 seconds).]


The field is generated by OCLC, returned on tape to LC, and distributed by LC as received.

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005 Date and Time of Latest Transaction  (MARC 21 Format for Bibliographic Data)

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