#    No alphabet or script given/no key title

a    Basic Roman

b    Extended Roman

c    Cyrillic

d    Japanese

e    Chinese

f     Arabic

g    Greek

h    Hebrew

i     Thai

j     Devanagari

k    Korean

l     Tamil

u    Unknown

z    Other


This code indicates the original alphabet of the key title (field 222).  It is for use by NSDP and ISDS/C only.  If there is no authenticated key title, this element should be blank.


Code definitions

NOTE:  See MARC 21 Format for Bibliographic Data (008/33  006/16) for code definitions not given below.

a.    Basic roman.

Use for English or other languages which do not include diacritics or special characters.

b.    Extended roman.

Use for all languages using the roman alphabet that have diacritics or special characters, even if the title in hand does not contain any diacritics or special characters from the extended alphabet.

222 #0 Revista de biología del Uruguay

ALPH:  b

222 #0 Cahiers canadiens de musique

ALPH:  b

z.    Other.

Use for titles in other languages not listed above.  Use also for key titles incorporating words from more than one alphabet.

222 #0 Report - Österreichische Länderbank

ALPH:  z


As of July 1986, LC does not code this element.

Codes in this position were not distributed by LC prior to 1985.  As a consequence, some records may contain "#" when another code would be correct.

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008/33  006/16  (MARC 21 Format for Bibliographic Data)

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