First indicator - Note controller

0  Display note

1  Do not display note

Second indicator - Type of relationship

0  Continues

1  Continues in part

2  Supersedes  [Pre-AACR2]

3  Supersedes in part  [Pre-AACR2]

4  Formed by the union of ... and ...

5  Absorbed

6  Absorbed in part

7  Separated from

Subfield codes:

a  Main entry heading (NR)

b  Edition (NR)

c  Qualifying information (NR)  [Pre-AACR2]

d  Place, publisher, and date of publication (NR)

g  Related parts (R)

h  Physical description (NR)

i   Relationship information (R)

k  Series data for related item (R)

m Material-specific details (NR)

n  Note (R)

o  Other item identifier (R)

r   Report number (R)

s  Uniform title (NR)

t   Title (NR)

u  Standard Technical Report Number (NR)

w  Record control number (R)

x  International Standard Serial Number (NR)

y  CODEN designation (NR)

z  International Standard Book Number (R)  [Not used]

4  Relationship code (R)

6  Linkage (NR)

7  Control subfield (NR)  [Not used]

Character position 0 - Type of main entry heading

Character position 1 - Form of name

Character position 2 - Type of record

Character position 3 - Bibliographic level

8  Field link and sequence number (R)

NOTE:  See MARC 21 Format for Bibliographic Data (780 Preceding Entry) for code definitions not given below.


Field 780 contains the entry for the serial immediately preceding the serial being cataloged.  If more than one title is involved, multiple 780 fields are input.

Display constants

Display constants are generated from second indicator values when the first indicator is set to value "0."

Linking relationships

Field 780 is paired with field 785 (Succeeding Entry).  When a record exists for the earlier entry (as represented in the 780 field), field 785 should be present on that record.

Record for later title, with link to preceding title:

130 0# Power semiconductors (1982)

780 00 $t Power semiconductor D.A.T.A. book $x 0164-0038 $w (DLC)  81645821 $w (OCoLC)4044358

Record for earlier title, with link to succeeding title:

245 00 Power semiconductor D.A.T.A. book.

785 00 $t Power semiconductors (1982) $x 0738-324X $w (DLC)  83643455 $w (OCoLC)9548521

First indicator - Note controller

The first indicator determines the note display.  When a note is input in field 580, set the first indicator of the linking field to value "1."  When the note is to be generated from the link, set the first indicator to value "0."

245 00 Illinois vocational educational journal.

780 00 $t Illinois career educational journal $w (DLC)  72622778 $w (OCoLC)1752640

When more than one title is involved, input the linking information in field 580 with each corresponding 780 field given first indicator value "1."

245 00 Advances in space research.

580 ## Formed by the union of:  Advances in space exploration; Life sciences and space research; and:  Space research.

780 14 $t Advances in space exploration $x 0164-0046 $w (DLC)sn 79001267 $w (OCoLC)4554079

780 14 $t Life sciences and space research $x 0075-9422 $w (DLC)sn 9018890 $w (OCoLC)1587614

780 14 $t Space research $w (DLC)sn 8310098 $w (OCoLC)1766292

Second indicator - Type of relationship

The second indicator describes the relationship between the serial being cataloged and the preceding entry.  It also generates a display constant for the note when it is generated from the linking entry field.  The words "Continues," "Absorbed," etc. are not input in the field.

0    Continues.

130 0# Hospitals (Chicago, Ill. : 1936)

780 00 $t Bulletin of the American Hospital Association $w (DLC)sn 93039571 $w (OCoLC)1777831

Note display:  Continues: Bulletin of the American Hospital Association.

1    Continues in part.

245 00 Annales scientifiques de l'Université de Besançon. $p Mathématiques.

780 01 $t Annales scientifiques de l'Université de Besançon $w (OCoLC)6179013

Note display:  Continues in part: Annales scientifiques de l'Université de Besançon.

4    Formed by the union of ... and ...

When using this indicator value, input a note in field 580.  With second indicator 4, some systems do not generate notes from field 780, so the use of a 580 field is necessary.  The first indicator value in field 780 is set to "1".  For further information, see field 580.  The phrase "Merger of …  and …"  may be substituted for the above in the 580 field.

245 00 Annales geophysicae.

580 ## Merger of: Annales de geophysique, and: Annali de geofisica.

780 14 $t Annales de géophysique $x 0003-4029 $w (OCoLC)1481255 $w (DLC)  52016346

780 14 $t Annali de géofisica $x 0365-2556 $w (OCoLC)1847060 $w (DLC)gs 4900041

5    Absorbed.

245 04 The American journal of international law.

780 05 American Society of International Law. $t Proceedings $g 1971

Note display:  Absorbed: American Society of International Law.  Proceedings, 1971.

6    Absorbed in part.

245 00 International flight information manual.

780 06 $t Graphic notices and supplemental data $w (OCoLC)4276671

Note display:  Absorbed in part: Graphic notices and supplemental data.

7    Separated from.

110 2# British Columbia Provincial Museum.

245 10 Two-year review.

780 07 British Columbia. Ministry of Provincial Secretary and Government Services. $t Annual report $x 0226-0883 $w (DLC)  80649039 $w (OCoLC)6270433

Note display:  Separated from: British Columbia. Ministry of Provincial Secretary and Government Services.  Annual report.


The most common subfields are (in input order):  $a, $s, $t, $g, $x, $w.  For a description of subfields defined for this field, see Linking Entry Fields - General Information.

In microform records, use $w in a 780 or 785 linking field only when the related record is in the same physical format and by the same manufacturing/distributing agency.  (See Appendix M.)

For online versions of a print serial where an earlier title has not been digitized or has not been cataloged, cite only the title in the 780, do not input record control numbers ($w) belonging to any print version records.  (See example in CCM 31.19.4.)

When linking a serial to a monograph, the monograph's ISBN may be included in a subfield z, in the local record only, to facilitate working with the holdings.  However, currently CONSER policy is not to use $z for ISBN to avoid complicating the indexing of the subfield $z in links.

Related fields, etc.

580, Linking Entry Fields - General Information, 785

780 Preceding Entry  (MARC 21 Format for Bibliographic Data)

See also:

76X-78X  Linking Entry Fields

Variable Data Fields

Section E.  MARC 21 Format for Serials as Applied Within CONSER

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