One of the central innovations of CONSER as a cooperative program has been the authentication procedure, whereby the bibliographic description and access points in a catalog record are verified as being in conformity with CONSER bibliographic conventions and agreed-upon practices. In general, an authenticated record should not be updated merely to reflect changes in cataloging codes or CONSER practice. Usually, an authenticated record will continue to serve the purposes of CONSER even though the rules and/or rule interpretations according to which it was constructed have been superseded. The instructions below relate to the instances where this is not the case.

B4.3.1. Pre-AACR2 vs. AACR2 rules of entry

B4.3.2. Consolidating multiple pre-AACR2 records into a single AACR2 record

B4.3.3. Revising the choice/form of entry of AACR2 records to reflect revised AACR2 practices

B4.3.4. Revising AACR2 records to "back up" the description to reflect the first issue

B4.3.5. Revising subject analysis fields to reflect current practice

See also:

B4. Record Maintenance