Descriptive data elements coded "as M or MA" for core records are included as appropriate per AACR2 and the LCRIs.

Name/series headings:

Name and series headings are checked in the authority file. If the name or series is established, the authorized form is used. If it is not established, an authority record is created and added to the authority file (1). Field 042 is coded as "lcd."

Subject headings:

In new records, only subject headings most essential to the identification/access of the serial are supplied. In adapted records, subject headings are checked for current validity and appropriateness; construction and tagging are also checked.


Classification is not required.

Core record requirements are intentionally flexible to allow for local interpretation and rely heavily on cataloger’s judgment. Cataloger’s judgment is based on a knowledge of serials, the cataloging rules and interpretations, and the needs of one’s institution. For example, notes are given in core records if the information is "essential" is left to the cataloger to determine. Name and title added entries are also required if they are essential for record access or to adequately identify the serial or its relationships (2).

A certain amount of local interpretation or cataloger judgment may also be in order when determining the extent of subject headings generally assigned in a core record. The core level states that only subject headings most essential to the identification/access of the serial are supplied. It is up to the cataloger to decide what is "most essential."

A general principle to be followed is that once a field is determined to be appropriate for the serial, the contents according to AACR2 and the LCRIs or a standard thesaurus in the case of subject elements. Catalogers cannot arbitrarily choose to ignore rules or leave out information because they are creating core records. In this way, other catalogers wishing to upgrade the record to "full" can add additional data without having to reevaluate the data already present in the record.

See also:

B6.2. Description of Record Levels