Alter description based on earliest issue in hand, following AACR2 and LCRIs.

If a formatted 362 field (first indicator = 0) is present in a record, and the first issue is not in hand, incorporate the information into a note, and recode the first indicator to 1. Add a "Description based on" note in field 500.

Change other notes as appropriate (e.g., form of volume/date information, etc.).

Change form of entry in linking fields, when necessary, from key title to cataloging entry form.

Convert all main and added entry headings and series added entries to AACR2 form.

Determine necessity for uniform title headings (13) or uniform title (240) as prescribed by RI25.5B.

Add code "a" to DESC in fixed field.

See also:

C9.2. Successive Entry Records