Responsibility for cataloging integrating resources

According to a PCC policy decision made in 2002, responsibility for the authentication and maintenance of records for integrating resources is shared by both CONSER and BIBCO members.

Linking between resources

PCC members use linking entry fields to show bibliographic relationships between integrating resources, serials, and monographs, per RDA chapters 24-28.

Documentation in the CEG of fields related to integrating entity

The guidelines for identifying and coding records for resources cataloged according to integrating entry are given in the CEG for the convenience of catalogers responsible for cataloging all types of continuing resources.  However, the complete addition of such information will occur over time.  Fixed and variable fields that have not been included in this update to incorporate integrating resources will be included in later updates as needed.  Information about integrating entry and coding of integrating resources is found in the following areas of the CEG:


Section of the CEG

Identification of records created according to integrating entry:  integrating resources and serials that don't retain earlier titles.


Interim practice for coding records created according to integrating entry, until bibliographic level code "i" is implemented.

Fixed field lengths, general information

Linking guidelines

Linking Entry Fields - General Information

Record example

Appendix N


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