The 490 and 8XX fields contain series information.  The 490 field contains a series statement as it appears on the piece being cataloged.  The 8XX fields contain series added entries in their established forms.

Prior to 2009, field 440 carried the series statement when it appeared on the piece in its established form, and generated the added entry without the necessity of an 8XX field.  Field 440 was made obsolete in 2008 to simplify the series area so that all title series statements are entered in field 490 and all title series added entries are given in the 830 fields.

Field 490 0# carries the series statement when it is not to be traced.

Field 490 1# optionally carries the series statement when the series is traced.  According to CONSER standard record guidelines, it is not required to record a series statement in field 490/1# or 5XX when a series added entry (8XX) is included in the bibliographic record.

Fields 400, 410, and 411—used prior to the adoption of AACR2—are no longer used.


The 490 and 8XX fields are used as follows:

1.   Series untraced

490 0# MCHS folklore history series

2.   Series traced

490 1# Statistik Niedersachsen

[Field is optional]

830 #0 Statistik Niedersachsen

490 1# Reports of investigations / Washington State University, Laboratory of Anthropology

[Field is optional]

830 #0 Reports of investigations (Washington State University.  Laboratory of Anthropology)

533 ## Microfilm. $b Woodbridge, Conn. : $c Research Publications, Inc., $d 1982. $e 6 microfilm reels ; 35 mm. $f (History of photography :  periodicals ; P1)

[Field is optional]

830 #0 History of photography ; $v P1.

Display constant

The word Series: may be generated as a display constant on output preceding the information given in that field.

490 1# $3 <1956/57->: $a Publication / Union of International Associations

[Field is optional]

830 #0 Publication (Union of International Associations)

In series statement displays as:  (Publication / Union of International Associations)

In tracing area displays as:  Series: Publication (Union of International Associations)

Editing instructions

1.   Initial articles are input in field 490.  They are not input in fields 800-830, either at the beginning of the field or at the beginning of a subfield within the field, except when the field/subfield begins with a name or geographic location and the intent is to file on the article.

2.   Punctuation.

a.   Do not input opening or closing parentheses in field 490.  These may be system supplied.

b.   Terminal punctuation is not added to field 490.  Add a period following the 8XX fields unless the field ends in a mark of punctuation.

490 1# Annual report series

[Field is optional]

830 #0 Annual report series (Connecticut. State Dept. of Education. Bureau of Research, Planning, and Evaluation)

c.   The PCC in consultation with the Library of Congress Policy and Standards Division developed the following guidelines for consistent punctuation in $3 in several fields including the 490 and 8XX fields (  Volume numbering, chronological designation, publication date, etc., given in subfield $3 are followed with a colon (:).  If the volume numbering, chronological designation, publication date, etc., represent incomplete information designated by a hyhen (-), insert a single space between the hyphen and the colon for clarity in displays.

490 1# $3 v. 1-3:

490 1# $3 v. 9-<10>:

490 1# $3 Apr. 2010-<July 2010>:

490 1# $3 2010- :

490 1# $3 -2:


Subfields used with field 490 are described with that field.  For a description of subfields used with fields 800-830, see "Headings - General Information.

Use of subfield $3 in 490 and/or 8XX fields

When subfield $3 is required to indicate that a series does not apply to all issues, parts, or iterations covered by a record, it may be added to field 490 and/or field 8XX if one or both 490 and the 8XX are in the record depending on the PCC options practices followed by the cataloging agency.  It is important that the information be available somewhere in the record.

490 1# $3 1983/84-<1987/88>: $a Data-search / National Education Association

830 #0 $a Data-search

490 1# Data-search / National Education Association

830 #0 $3 1983/84-<1987/88>: $a Data-search

490 1# $3 1983/84-<1987/88>: $a Data-search / National Education Association

830 #0 $3 1983/84-<1987/88>: $a Data-search

Related fields, etc.

Headings - General Information

See also:

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