1A1.    Punctuation

1A1.1  For instructions on the use of spaces before and after prescribed punctuation, see 0D.

Enclose the general material designation in square brackets.

Precede each parallel title by an equal sign ( = ).

Precede each unit of other title information by a colon ( : ).

Precede the first statement of responsibility by a diagonal slash ( / ).

Precede each subsequent statement of responsibility by a semicolon ( ;).

1A1.2.  When replacing "..." in the title proper with "--" (see 0C5), leave a space after the --, unless the dash is at the beginning.


1A1.3.  Titles for graphic material will often not lend themselves easily to the application of the prescribed punctuation.  If, however, the data can be separated clearly into title proper and other title information, supply the prescribed punctuation.

1A2.    Sources of Information

The cataloger must decide whether printed or manuscript text in the chief source of information constitutes a title and/or statement of responsibility that can be transcribed for the catalog record.

1A3.    Date as Part of the Title

When a date appears in the source in such a way as to constitute part of the title, transcribe it as such (as part of the title proper or other title information, whichever is appropriate).


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