Record the names of persons and corporate bodies having contributed to the creative and intellectual content of the material being cataloged, that is, designers, draftsmen, painters, photographers, printmakers, and illustrators (both individuals and corporate bodies).  Do not record names of previous owners and collectors in the statement of responsibility, but rather in a note regarding provenance.

1G1.    Record a single statement of responsibility ( FN 3) as it appears.


1G2.    For single items, transcribe the statement of responsibility as it appears in the source.


1G3.    For collections, transcribe names as they appear most frequently in the collection.  If this does not apply, record them in a standardized way, that is, always in the same form and with the same spelling.


1G4.    When there are two or more statements of responsibility, record them in the order indicated by their sequence on, or by the layout of, the source of information for the second and third levels of description.  If the sequence and layout are ambiguous or insufficient to determine the order, record the statements in the order that makes the most sense.


1G5.    When up to three persons or corporate bodies named in the source of information performed the same function or had the same degree of responsibility, record all the names mentioned.  If, however, the number of responsible persons or bodies is more than three or some are unidentified, record the names or information about responsibility in a note.


1G6.    Attributions

1996 UPDATE:  Optionally, use instead:  5B7.2.  This option reflects AACR 2 practice of including attribution statements in a note.  See corresponding AACR 2 rules 1.1F2 and 1.7B6.

Do not make an attribution unless there is strong supporting evidence.  Record such a supplied name in a standardized way.

For single items, enclose it in square brackets.

For collections, do not enclose it in square brackets.

If necessary, give an explanatory note.


1G7.    Monograms and Devices

Record a name or initial(s) inferred from a monogram or device, followed by the word "monogram" or "device" in square brackets.  If the full name is known, give it in a note.


1G8.    Explanation of Function

If desirable, add a word or short phrase in English, in square brackets, to the statement of responsibility when the relationship between the title and the person(s) or body (bodies) named in the statement is not clear.


1G9.    Information Associated with Statement of Responsibility on Single Unpublished Items

If desirable, with single unpublished items transcribe from the item itself information associated with a statement of responsibility.  For collections, record such associated information in a note.


1G10.  Person or Corporate Body not Given by Name

Transcribe a statement of responsibility even if no person or body is explicitly named in that statement.

Examples 1

When the real name is known, follow the transcription by "i.e." and the name in square brackets.

Example 2

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