2A1.    Use the publication, distribution, etc., area to record information about the place, name, and date of publication and/or distribution, as well as all types of printing, manufacturing and sponsor-advertiser activities considered by the cataloging agency to be important for graphic materials that have been commercially produced.

For unpublished material, this area consists only of the date elements (see 2H).

2A2.    Punctuation

For instructions on the use of spaces before and after prescribed punctuation, see 0D.

Precede the publication, distribution, etc., area by period, space, dash, space (. -- ).

Precede a second and any subsequently named place of publication by a semicolon ( ; ), eliminating any linking word or phrase given in the source.

Precede the name of a publisher, distributor, etc., by a colon ( : ).  Precede the name of a second and any subsequent publisher by a colon unless a linking word or phrase is given in the source.

Enclose a supplied statement of function in square brackets.

Precede the date of publication, distribution, etc., by a comma ( ,).

Enclose the details of printer or manufacturer in parentheses.

Precede the name of a printer or manufacturer by a colon ( :).

Precede the date of printing or manufacture by a comma ( , ).

If the publication, distribution, etc., area precedes a new paragraph, end it with a mark of final punctuation, i.e., a period, closing parenthesis, closing bracket, or question mark.

2A3.    Sources of Information

Record the elements of data in the prescribed order, even if this means transposing data, unless case endings are affected, or the grammatical construction of the data would be disturbed, or one element is inseparably linked with another.  In the latter case, transcribe the data as found.

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