The nefarious labratory villian [sic] ... / [Ralph Barton]. -- [ 192-?]

1 drawing on illustration board : India ink, ink wash, over black crayon [?] and opaque white ; on support 37.7 x 28.0 cm.

Title from handwritten notation below image.

Title continues: ... knows a little about science and is more than a little crazy, likes to preform [sic] innocent little experiments on his fellow humans.

Subject: Caricature of a mad scientist.


Bequest of Erwin Swann, 1977.

[sic]:  Inaccuracies in the title are followed by "sic" (0F1).

[Ralph Barton]:  The cataloger attributes this item to the cartoonist Ralph Barton; the name is supplied in a standardized form in square brackets (1G6).

192-?:  The probable date is given according to a pattern in Appendix A (2H4).

India ink, ink wash, over black crayon [?] and opaque white:  Multiple techniques are described in other physical details (3C3.1).

Title from handwritten notation:  The manuscript title is described (5B1).

Title continues:  The lengthy title is continued in a note to reflect what appears on the item to the catalog user (5B4).

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