This example is an established heading record for a corporate name.  A full complement of 4XX and 5XX tracing fields and 670 (Source Data Found) fields are present.  008/06 is coded i to indicate that the heading can be divided geographically by the indirect method.  This is common with many corporate name heading records.  008/29 is coded a to indicate that the cross reference tracings have been evaluated for consistency with the cataloging rules upon which the 1XX is based.  Note that some of the indicator values in the tracing fields are different from the indicator values used in the heading to reflect different entry element types.

LDR       * * * * *nz###22* * * * *n##4500

001        <control number>

003        <control number identifier>

005        19860107072428.3


010  ##  $aex#82221219#

040  ##  $a<organization code>$c<organization code>

110  2#  $aOklahoma Council on Juvenile Delinquency

410  1#  $aOklahoma.$bCouncil on Juvenile Delinquency

410  1#  $aOklahoma.$bOklahoma Council on Juvenile Delinquency

510  2#  $wa$aOklahoma Council on Juvenile Delinquency Planning

510  2#  $wb$aOklahoma Council on Juvenile Justice

670  ##  $aOklahoma Council on Juvenile Delinquency Planning. Youth in trouble, 1971-1982 (a.e.)$bv. 2, t.p. (Oklahoma Council on Juvenile Delinquency) v. 2, p. 3 (organized as Oklahoma Council on Juvenile Delinquency Planning in 1969)

670  ##  $aOklahoma Council on Juvenile Justice. Report, 1983:$bp. 5 (Oklahoma Council on Juvenile Justice ... previously the Oklahoma Council on Juvenile Delinquency)

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