DCM Z1:  5XX  See Also From Tracings - General Information


When otherwise modifying a NAR that contains codes that are no longer used such as subfield $w position zero (0) code "d" or "f," LC/PCC catalogers should upgrade the NAR to RDA.

LC/PCC catalogers applying RDA instructions may use subfield $i (Relationship information) in conjunction with subfield $w code "r" for relationship designators.  When applying RDA relationship designators in 5XXs, supply terms from Appendix I, J or K; capitalize the initial letter of the term and follow the term with a colon.

Until a decision is reached by the PCC Policy Committee on the use of relationship designators in authority records, LC/PCC catalogers may continue to use the subfield $w codes "a" (earlier) and "b" (later) or optionally use the appropriate relationship designators from Appendix K to provide relationship links between corporate entities (510 or 511).

See the 500, 530, and 551 sections of DCM Z1 for information on the use of relationship designators and/or $w codes in those fields.

Subfield $w - Control subfield:

Follow the conventions in the authority format for use of subfield $w.  Do not supply subfield $w unless a value other than "n" would be appropriate in one of the positions.  When supplying subfield $w, give it as the first subfield in the field.  Supply character positions preceding, but not succeeding, the value, e.g.,

$w a = to indicate a reference from an earlier authorized access point

$w b = to indicate a reference from a later authorized access point

$w r  = to indicate that a subfield $i or subfield $2 is used to denote relationship information

$w nnnc = to indicate a see also reference for multiple pseudonyms (record also contains a 663 field)


A see also reference tracing (5XX) must not normalize to the same as another see also reference in the same authority record, unless both 5XX fields contain a relationship designator in subfield $i, and the texts of the relationship designators are different.


LC series practice:  As of June 1, 2006, LC does not create or update SARs.

PCC series practice:  Transcription of the series statement is mandatory if applicable.  Searching for series authority records, tracing the series, and the creation and maintenance of series authority records are optional.

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