360 Subfield $i - Explanatory text:

Subfield $i contains the explanatory text of the see also reference.  The text may be broken up by subfield $a data and may be only a connector term, such as e.g., and, or etc..


008/09   a  [established heading record]

100  0#  $aMary,$cBlessed Virgin, Saint$xApparitions and miracles

360  ##  $inames of particular apparitions and miracles, e.g.$aFatima, Our Lady of

008/09   a  [established heading record]

150  ##  $aFatima, Our Lady of

681  ##  $iExample under$aMary, Blessed Virgin, Saint--Apparitions and miracles

008/09   a  [established heading record]

130  #0  $aBible$xComparative studies

360  ##  $isubdivision$aRelation to [the Old Testament, Matthew, Psalms, etc.]$iunder the Bible and parts of the Bible, e.g.$aBible. N.T.--Relation to the Old Testament; Bible. N.T. Matthew--Relation to Psalms; Bible. O.T. Psalms--Relation to Mark;$ietc.

008/09   a  [established heading record]

130  #0  $aBible.$pN.T.$xRelation to the Old Testament

681  ##  $iExample under$aBible--Comparative studies

[The same 681 field is used in the records for the other subject headings referred to in the 360 field.]

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