Subfield $5 contains the MARC code of the institution or organization that holds the copy to which the data in the field applies.  Data in the field may not apply to the universal description of the item or may apply universally to the item but be of interest only to the location cited.

See Appendix I for a listing of organization code sources used in MARC 21 records.


500  ##  $aFrom the papers of the Chase family.$5DLC

500  ##  $aThe Library of Congress copy has bookplate of the Benedictine Monastery in Grafschaft; inscribed by Thomas Jefferson.$5DLC

500  ##  $aPlates 4, 5, and 9 are wanting.$5DLC

500  ##  $aUniversity Library's copy has ms. notes by author on endpapers.$5WU

583  ##  $aQueued for preservation$c19861010-$ePriority$fTitle IIC project$5DLC

655  #7  $aAnnotations (Provenance)$zSweden$y18th century.$2rbprov$5MH-H

710  2#  $aBridgewater Library,$eformer owner.$5NjP

700  1#  $aKissinger, Henry,$d1923-$5DLC

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