The following documents the changes contained in the fourth update to the 1999 edition of MARC 21 Format for Bibliographic Data.  Update No. 4 (October 2003) includes changes resulting from proposals which were considered by the ALA ALCTS/LITA/RUSA Machine-Readable Bibliographic Information Committee (MARBI) at its meetings in 2003, the Canadian Committee on MARC (CCM) at its 2003 meetings, and by the Book Industry Communications/Bibliographic Standards Technical Subgroup (BIC/BSTS) at its meetings in 2003.

New content designators:


365  Trade Price

366  Trade Availability Information

Subfield codes

$i  Display text in 538 (System Details Note)

$q  Enumeration and first page in 773 (Host Item Entry)

$q  Format of the digital image in 352 (Digital Graphic Representation)

$u  Uniform Resource Identifier in 538 (System Details Note)

$2  Source in 022 (International Standard Serial Number)

$3  Materials specified in 538 (System Details Note)


Appendix I:  Organization Code Sources

Obsolete content designators:

Character positions

006/03 (Continuing resources) ISSN center

008/20 (Continuing resources) ISSN center

Changes in content designator names:

Indicator value

2nd indicator (Code source) in 072 (Subject Category Code):  Value 7 (Code Source specified in subfield $2)

Subfield codes

$a  in 044 (Country of Publishing/Producing Entity Code):  MARC country of publishing/producing entity code

$c  in 044 (Country of Publishing/Producing Entity Code):  ISO country code

$2  in 072 (Subject Category Code):  Code Source

See also:

Appendix G:  Format Change Lists