The Mixed Materials definition of field 008/18-34 is used when Leader/06 (Type of record) contains code p (Mixed material).  Field 008 positions 00-17 and 35-39 are defined the same in 008 fields for all materials.

Field 008/18-34 character positions are equivalent to those in field 006/01-17 when field 006/00 (Form of material) contains code p (Mixed material).  These character positions are defined for records in the Mixed Materials type of material as listed in the table below.

This field has no indicators or subfields; the data elements are positionally defined.

Validity by material type:  The character positions and associated codes are valid for Mixed Materials.

Record requirements in National-level or Minimal-level records:  either Mandatory or Optional, depending on the character position.

Note:  Field 008 positions /18-34 for Mixed Materials (MX) were previously referred to as fixed-length data elements for Archival and Manuscripts Control (AM).

For details on the character positions and codes used in records for the Mixed Materials material type, select a topic from the Definition column below:

Mixed Materials  (MX)

006 Position:

008 Position:







Form of item




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