Character position definition and scope:

A one-character alphabetic code indicates that the category of material to which the item belongs is motion picture.  The meaning of the remaining character positions in field 007 are dependent upon the value in this character position (007/00).  A fill character ( | ) is not allowed in this position.

Record requirements for National-level records:  Mandatory; for Minimal-level records:  Optional.

Guidelines for applying content designators:




Motion picture - A series of still pictures on film, with or without sound, designed to be projected in rapid succession to produce the optical effect of motion.

Content designator history:

In 1981, field 007 (Visual Material) was redefined to its current structure and renamed.  See the Content Designator History section of 007 (Physical Description Fixed Field - General Information) for the structure and positions of elements before and after the restructuring.

In 1985, field 007 was increased in length to accommodate coded data from field 009 (Physical Description Fixed Field for Archival Collections) which was made obsolete.  See the Content Designator History section of 00X (Control Fields - General Information) for the relationship between data elements in the two fields.

Character position 00 (General material designation) was defined when field 007 was restructured in 1981.  It was renamed Category of material in 1983.

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007:  Motion picture

007  Physical Description Fixed Field