Globe:  A model of a celestial body, usually the Earth or the celestial sphere, depicted on the surface of a sphere, that is, any material defined with code d (globe) in field 008/25 Type of cartographic material.

Field 007 has no indicators or subfield codes; the data elements are positionally defined.  Field 007 for the category of material globe currently has six character positions defined for it.

Validity by material type:  All character positions in 007 for globe records are valid for all types.

Record requirements in National-level or Minimal-level records for 007 globe:  Optional.  Requirements for the character positions vary.  See the specific character position description.

Character positions in 007 for globe:

007/00:  Category of material

007/01:  Specific material designation

007/02:  Undefined

007/03:  Color

007/04:  Physical medium

007/05:  Type of reproduction

See:  Examples of 007 field for a globe.

See also:

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