Remote-sensing image:  An image produced by a recording device that is not in physical or intimate contact with the object under study.  This may be a map or other image that is obtained through various remote sensing devices such as cameras, computers, lasers, radio frequency receivers, radar systems, sonar, seismographs, gravimeters, magnetometers, and scintillation counters.  When the image has cartographic or bibliographic information added, it is referred to as a remote-sensing map.

Field 007 has no indicators or subfield codes; the data elements are positionally defined.  Field 007 for the category of material remote-sensing image currently has eleven character positions defined for it.

Validity by material type:  All character positions in 007 for remote-sensing image records are valid for all types.

Record requirements in National-level or Minimal-level records for 007 remote-sensing image:  Optional.  Requirements for the character positions vary.  See the specific character position description.

Character positions in 007 for remote-sensing image:

007/00:  Category of material

007/01:  Specific material designation

007/02:  Undefined

007/03:  Altitude of sensor

007/04:  Attitude of sensor

007/05:  Cloud cover

007/06:  Platform construction type

007/07:  Platform use category

007/08:  Sensor type

007/09-10:  Data type

See:  There are no examples of the 007 field for a remote-sensing image.

See also:

007  Physical Description Fixed Field