Unspecified:  The physical form of the described item is not identified by one of the other 007 category-of-material codes (in character position 00).  This category is also used for an item having multiple physical forms that are not being specifically denoted (for instance, when the item in hand is a collection containing different material categories and an institution chooses not to input separate 007 fields for the various components).

Field 007 has no indicators or subfield codes; the data elements are positionally defined.  Field 007 for the category of material unspecified currently has two character positions defined for it.

Validity by material type:  All character positions in 007 for unspecified records are valid for all types.

Record requirements in National-level or Minimal-level records for 007 unspecified:  Optional.  Requirements for the character positions vary.  See the specific character position description.

Character positions in 007 for unspecified physical form:

007/00:  Category of material

007/01:  Specific material designation

See:  Examples of 007 field for an item of unspecified.

See also:

007  Physical Description Fixed Field